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Bio - Craig Gore


Craig Gore is a musician currently based in Los Angeles, but his story does not begin in Los Angeles, nor does it begin with music.

Craig grew up in Nashville, the son of an airplane pilot. He was interested in everything, and like many children without enough answers, Craig never stopped questioning. There was everything to see, and everything to hear—so much his head always hurt. He read every poetry book in his grandmother's house and then, still full of questions, consumed the contents of his grade-school library.

Overwhelmed by his questions, Craig’s parents often urged him to be quiet, inspiring a lifelong search for self-expression. His search included a brief affair with the piano in grammar school, but he couldn’t make it sound the way he felt. "It just didn't sound painful enough."

Years later, Gore returned to Nashville from a monumental trip to Europe, overwhelmed with feelings of separation. Gore had found an audience in Europe. They had listened to him, to everything—even the grade school library he had kept in his head for so long…and his grandmother’s poetry too. And they had answered many of his questions. Gore needed this, but he couldn’t go back to Europe. Driven to find it again, Gore turned to music.

His first performance took place in Nashville at the behest of his friends…but the most important sound that night wasn’t his music—it was the applause that resulted from playing it. This sound—not the music—eventually drove him to refine his talents and discover his voice. He found a tiny room in Nashville, living with a cheap mattress, cigarettes, and a guitar.

Three years later, still unsure of the music that would one day define him, Gore's parents summoned him home from his tiny room. In addition to Craig, Gore’s parents had invited a nice woman to dine with them, for they had heard of her reputation for knowing a singer-songwriter when she heard one. They encouraged him to play for her, and so Gore played a song. When he finished, she urged him to continue. He played through the night. She smoked her cigarettes and nodded her head. Finally out of songs, her cigarettes gone, she uttered three words.

“Well I declare,” she said. “Well I declare.”

Gore moved to Los Angeles at the age of 24, armed with three years’ worth of songs. After cutting his teeth there he returned to Nashville with nothing but the music he left with. Back in Nashville, he mowed lawns till he had enough to cut his first demo, leading to Gore's first songwriting deal with Warner Brothers. Gore was then invited to record an album in Philadelphia, living in a townhouse that belonged to the owner of the studio.

Gore had reached a place where people were hearing him, forging a path to New York, where record labels courted him and eagerly funded his explorations. But as so many had learned before him, success was not the cure for some problems, no matter how much success there was. Craig Gore was still experiencing a crisis of voice, a remnant of the search for self-expression that had always been with him. Something was still missing.

Gore returned to LA and forgot music. He returned to New York and became a painter. He fell in love. He worked at the renowned Frick Museum. He moved back to LA, still trying to forget the music until he found himself alone for three months in San Francisco and discovered his voice. His first solo album followed in 2006, produced by JOSH GRANGE (Dixie Chicks, KD Lang).

No one would think that after so many years, miles, and songs, Gore’s story was just beginning. No one except Craig Gore. “I just got here,” He says. “It’s just beginning.”

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