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July 01, 2012


Last year an old college buddy came and crashed at my place. She really did crash here--her girlfriend biked 400 miles for an AIDS charity and could hardly stand. I've watched my friend go through the process of coming out over the past year or two, which has been great because we can talk about guy stuff now. Seeing someone end up where they always belonged is pretty special too I guess.

Anyway, I went to the magic castle the last night she was staying here. Even though she couldn't come because of girlfriend/nurse duty, I couldn't help thinking about outing in the magical sense.

In magic, outing means recovering from a mistake while performing. One minute you're convincing everyone the laws of reality are hackable, the next you're an idiot surrounded by people who feel bad for you. When a magician recovers--recovers so well the audience is right where they always belonged and have no idea they were ever somewhere else and yes, that guy really does make Awesome so well it's his job to do so on a regular basis...that's outing. I've heard magicians describe it as the mark of a real magician. It's what separates regular magicians from the magicians that regular magicians think are really good magicians.  I don't think I need to write anything else here.

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