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June 30, 2012

Video Game Writing

Advice For Video Game Writers:

  • The barriers of entry in the entertainment industry (game writing included) are unlike other industries, in that it requires building relationships/buzz.

Another important insight about game writing is that it has a very low payment ceiling with often double the work and a fraction of the audience (standard completion rate for a video game = 30%), which makes it undesirable as a genre as a writer and usually the kind of job previously established screenwriters take on when there is no other work.

Game writing also occurs within game development studios themselves--getting in there means working your way up through the tech trade (which is what I did).

If you really want to write video games--with control over how the games are made--then you must own your own IP, and the way to do that is to write something that will one day get turned into a video game. Long way of saying: don't become a video game writer if you want to write video games. This is the reason I started writing children's literature after working in the video game industry.


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