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February 09, 2011

Last lines of a manuscript I had to shelf

‎"‎The endless sea surrounded us, and the setting sun mixed the color of the sky in such a way that it was impossible to know where the ocean ended and the sky began. I felt convinced then that there were no longer borders or edges in the world we shared. The horizon was gone, and so were our own."


Audrey said...

Hi Phil....I stumbled on your blog; it's fantastic! This passage reminds me a little bit of a poem from Diary of a Newly-Married Poet by Juan Ramon Jimenez which translates, "Oh sea! rebel sky/ fallen from the heavens." I hope you're not shelving too many manuscripts. I was actually thinking of getting a creative writing group together this summer, when I have some time. I had one in New York and it was a lot of fun and quite helpful.

Philip Isles said...

Hi Audrey, thanks for the kind words. This baby is the biggest one I shelved, but I'm planning on brining it down some day--the story was a bit too out there for my agent...which means I need to do something 'by the book' before I write the book I want :) Writer's groups are the most important thing ever, next to chocolate.

Audrey said...

Well yes, few things are better than chocolate. But do you have a good writing group in LA? Tell!

Philip Isles said...

Shoot me an email Audrey--I'd be happy to tell you everything i know!

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