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February 16, 2011

Computer/Word/Keyboard Tricks I wish someone told me about

I'm collecting all the computer/keyboard shortcuts I feel like some people might not know about because it's assumed everyone knows them. These may be obvious for a lot of people, but I didn't learn half of these until I was in the computer lab at college and overheard someone next to me. Does anyone have any other ones to share?

Delete Key Vs. Backspace: I'm embarrassed to say it but I didn't know the delete key erased words in front of the cursor--as opposed to the backspace key, which erases characters before the cursor--for years.

The End key: it takes your cursor to the last character in the line.
The Home key: it takes your cursor to the first character in the line.
Shift+Home/End: If you hold down the shift key and Home/End, you select all the characters in between your cursor and the beginning/end of the line.

Control Key + Arrow: the cursor jumps by word instead of character
Shift+Control+Arrow: So now if you hold the shift key down with the control key and move the arrow, you select items word by word.

From the forums:

Ctrl+end - takes you to the end of the document
Ctrl+home - takes you to the beginning of the document

If you set the cursor then scroll forward or backward then shift and click it selects all the text in between.

Hold down the "control" key (ctrl) and hit "enter" and you'll get a page break. Use page breaks for new chapters to format your manuscript.

I put in page breaks at new chapters right from the beginning. It makes it much easier to find my place in the draft as I scroll through pages. No matter how much more editing and writing I add within a chapter, the page break is maintained. It's nice!

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