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December 15, 2010

Writing Wisdom from Grad School

Treat research like procrastination
It's necessary, but so is laundry, errands, and all the other stuff we do to avoid writing. At the end of the day, anything that isn't writing is keeping you from getting those pages out.

After suggesting this on some of the forums, I got a lot of push-back. Research is a crucial part of storytelling, it has been said, and I can't disagree with it entirely. Maybe the middle road is to hit the research after your first draft, when research won't inhibit your creativity or keep you from knocking out that crucial  draft.

Great places to write are rarely great places to write
One of my professors once said that the best place to write is a small cramped room with no windows and nothing on the walls. Having a view of the ocean from your desk or writing at a hip cafe with great atmosphere seems wonderful, but at the end of the day it's just another distraction.

"Just don't bore your audience"
On the last day of class,  another professor  said, 'whatever you do, just don't bore your audience.' I write all about it here.

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Amber Cuadra said...

I so agree with the first part of this. Write the story and then research. That's how I've set up my writing process. If I research and worry about writing everything accurately when I first write the story down, it takes me forever to write anything. I have to get my thoughts out on paper before I edit and research and make it accurate.

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