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October 15, 2010

Agent Search Spreadsheet

How do I find an agent?
How do I submit to agents and agencies?

This is a tool I created to streamline the process of submitting to agents and keep track of the details.

I created an excel doc (available in the tools part of my links section on my website) to keep track of contacts. I pooled possible contacts during the two years I took writing my book. By the time I was ready, I had a giant list and no idea how to keep track of everything. Without this spreadsheet, it would have quickly gotten out of hand.

Sorry about those fish getting in the way. Working on that.

I listed important info, such as date contacted, status, submission guidelines, and also used highlighting to weed out contacts that rejected my work or were no longer viable for some other reason.

The doc was mostly red by the time I finished, but the patches of blue kept me going.

Hope it helps

Update (1/18/2011): The GogleDocs version is available here if you don't want to download a file from another website


Bill Swan said...

Hey! Love this. I started something like it this week as I start an agent hunt for a novel. I made the mistake of doing it in Word Table. It does the job but doesn't look as good. I'll transfer to Excel and spruce things up like yours.

And then keep plugging. What's your experience? Should 100 queries get me some nibbles. (I'm up to 12 submitted this week; no replies).

Philip Isles said...

I wound up with a 2% response rate, but the number is more or less meaningless. Ultimately, response rates will vary based on the quality of your query/material/pitch and the accuracy of your targeting (ie how well have you researched the agents you are querying to make sure they are right for your material?).

Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

I kinda like this spreadsheet. It is deceptively simple--but that means it's not a lot of work to maintain but it has everything lined up in one place. Thanks for making it available online!
(btw, I arrived here via Nathan Bransford's site/forums)

Philip Isles said...

Thanks Eileen. I know a lot of people will find it helpful. You can check out my other tools here or my tools section at http://www.philipisles.com

and please feel free to spread the word: references links and shout-outs are much appreciated :)

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